urmp todo list

  • Provide a left-hand tab for specifying the repository path(s)
  • Allow building a database from within the GUI
  • Provide a left-hand tab for editing the title/album/artist PCREs used when a file has no ID3 tags
  • Incorporate MusicBrainz data
  • Display album covers
  • Display lyrics
  • Add Last.fm Scrobbling Support – see submissions to start
  • Support for IceCast HTTP Streams
  • Add socket for arbitrary CLI control. see xmms-shell for ideas.
  • Look at gxmms2 for ideas on a player icon.
  • Improve database read/write times by using libz
  • Improve search by pre-processing and/or caching for first two keystrokes
  • Allow drag & drop sorting of playlists
  • Allow multi-selects
  • Delete should remove selected track(s) from playlists
  • Enable Artist>Album>Track tree view in addition to search panel
  • Enable album-only view in search panel
  • Provide concept of remote collection with transport

urmp tonotdo list

  • logo contest
  • themes
  • plugin framework
  • python, lisp, lua, vbscript, or scheme embedded scripting language
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