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 +====== urmp: The Ur Music Player ======
 +The goals of urmp are to provide an MP3 music player that can do the following:
 +  * incrementally search a 60k song playlist in under 50ms per keystroke;
 +  * process mp3 files, extracting ID3 and MP3 data, at a rate of thousands of songs per minute;
 +  * maintain a database in the face of failed or moved NFS mounts;
 +  * attain performance goals without reliance on an external database server.
 +Other MP3 players, such as amarok, do not have these performance characteristics; and my frustration with using them led to the creation of urmp.  Because performance is a key goal, other goals, such as a beautiful user interface, are secondary -- eye-candy and cool functionality is much easier to add after performance.
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