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 urmp will not build on an Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon), or earlier, system. urmp will not build on an Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon), or earlier, system.
 +mplayer is required to actually play music.
 ===== Building the Database ===== ===== Building the Database =====
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 To analyze an mp3 file: To analyze an mp3 file:
   ./urmp --parse <filename>   ./urmp --parse <filename>
 +===== Audio Decompression and Licenses =====
 +Currently, urmp uses mplayer to play music, so mplayer must be installed.  Therefore, urmp does not contain any mp3 decompression technology -- all it does it read mp3 and id3 headers.  Because of this limitation, urmp can be distributed under an MIT license.  If urmp is ever linked against a library such as libmad, then it would fall under the mroe restrictive GPL.  In any case, the data structures and library code in the Ur library would remain under an MIT license.
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